Membership Benefits

The journal, VACCINE, published by Elsevier, has agreed to partner with the Society to both provide reduced electronic access subscription fees to members, and to make the journal the official journal of the Edward Jenner Vaccine Society.  It is our desire that both the Edward Jenner Vaccine Society and VACCINE will mutually benefit from this collaboration.

A number of benefits will accrue to members of the Edward Jenner Vaccine Society. These include the following:

  1. Membership as a mark of professional credibility and prestige in the field of vaccinology
  2. Reduced electronic subscription access fee to Vaccine
  3. The establishment of an annual Jenner Conference modeled on the Gordon conferences
  4. Reduced cost of scientific conference attendance
  5. A regular newsletter and current events communication
  6. Access to job/recruitment/training opportunities
  7. The development of travel grants, training scholarships, and postdoctoral fellowship support
  8. Complimentary receipt of an official membership certificate.

As a member of this society not only do you get the above noted benefits but you can also get the benefit of reduced registration fees at select conferences throughout the world.

You are providing a service that helps us continue to use funds from the society to promote and support our "Young Investigators Program" so that the next generation of vaccinologists can have the opportunity to learn from some fo the top notch vaccinologists in the world today.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here.