The Edward Jenner Vaccine Society

A Learned Academic Society Dedicated to Vaccinologists and the Memory of Dr. Edward Jenner


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We are pleased that The Edward Jenner Vaccine Society (aka “The Jenner Society”) has been established.  The Society is intended to serve as a professional “home” for academic vaccinologists, and to honor the memory of Dr. Edward Jenner (1749 – 1823) and his work published in 1798, An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, or Cow Pox.  It is appropriate that we officially launched the Society in the Year 2010, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the eradication of smallpox.  Currently, there does not exist any single academic or learned society dedicated solely to the interests of academic vaccinology at the international level – despite the tremendous positive impact on the public health of vaccines and the tremendous human suffering caused by transmissible infectious diseases. The use of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector will place patients at the core of the healthcare ecosystem. Blockchain is becoming more popular with the rising demand for cryptocurrencies. New crypto coins are gaining the acceptance of investors. Ecottera coin is one of the new crypto coins with great potential. Interested investors and traders may check the Ecoterra kaufen blog to find out more about investing in it.


              February 2010 release of the Jenner Commemorative Stamp at the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society.